New Products at CED Ventura

June 1, 2019

New Products at CED Ventura


Now stocked at CED Ventura

CED Ventura has a fresh line-up of new products applicable to any application. See below for details.
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Standard Workstation: 129.95Mini Workstation: $89.95

MagBench Portable Magnetic Workbench

MagBench protects your laptop, tools and materials in order to keep them accessible instead of on the roof or the ground. Strong mounting magnets attach securely to any steel surface in seconds, and won’t interfere with your electronics. Folds up for easy transport and storage when not in use!

Available in Standard Utility size (12×12” surface, holds up to 20 lbs) and Mini (8×10” surface, holds up to 10 lbs).

*Both models are designed for use with laptop computers

Standard Size: $16.95

MagBench Security Strap

Provides extra protection to ensure that your laptop computer will not fall or be pulled off of the MagBench Workstation

16-inch MagShade: $39.9524-inch MagShade: $44.95

MagBench Foldable Magnetic Sunshade

MagShade installs in seconds on any steel surface to provide protection from rain, wind, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Made from light weight corrugated plastic, MagShade folds neatly for easy transportation and storage, and will provide many years of protection.

Available in 16-inch (for use with MagBench Workstation) and 24-inch (for personal protection for all outdoor applications)

CED Ventura Price: $175.00

Sta-Kon Terminal Kit

Contains over $500 Worth of Genuine Sta-Kon® Products! 

The Sta-Kon® Terminal Kit contains the most popular assortment of terminals, cable ties, wire markers and crimping tool. The rugged steel carrying case with product guide on the inside lid can be conveniently refilled with standard package terminals and ties.

Hurry — Offer Valid

May 1, 2014 – July 31, 2014

Promotion code: STK14

CED Ventura Price: $22.84

HUBBELL USB Charger Receptacle Tamper-Resistant Duplex

Hubbell’s USB Charger Receptacle provides both USB and electrical power in a standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide more charging options for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously. The tamper-resistant Style Line® decorator outlets provide additional power for appliance use.

CED Ventura Price: $22.84

HUBBELL USB Charger 4 Port Outlet

Hubbell’s USB 4 Port Charger provides USB power in a standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide maximum charging for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of delivering a total of 5 amps to multiple electronics simultaneously. The outlet features a USB port door, which when opened enables power, when closed all power is switched off. This eliminates all current flow for a “zero” no load draw. Buildings looking to provide 100% green efficiency in power delivery will maximize LEED and energy design.

Call CED Ventura or your favorite salesperson today for more information.

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